"Welcome home, great slayer."


judg3 // 17 yrs old // cishet male // romanian

hello! i'm judg3, your friendly local dumbass!
i'm a carefree open-minded person who sometimes overthinks small things. i am doing my best to keep my page free of drama and politics, i just want to be friends without people.

i enjoy drawing in MS Paint and CLIP Studio Paint, and i also make some tunes in FL Studio.

i enjoy playing rhythm games, FPS games (and sometimes TPS like Risk of Rain 2), platformers and especially roguelikes.

i'm not the best person to start topics, so please don't be scared to approach me!


commissions are OPEN!

please message me on my twitter or on my discord at judg3#6072 if you are interested!

also please make sure you can pay via paypal!


i crave communication please talk to me

discord tag: judg3#6072
3DS friend code: 1865-5802-7523
switch friend code: SW-4792-2621-7804


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if you're reading this, it means i trust you to NOT share this link or the content shown with other people 'lest i personally approve of that.

tl;dr: don't share this with others unless i say yes dickbag

nothing for now!


before you follow, please acknowledge the following:

  1. likes may be NSFW;

  2. while i'm not an LGBT member personally, Lpeople are very much welcome on my pages, therefore LGBTphobes are a no-no;

  3. no politics, racism, drama and/or antisemitism;

  4. no pedos, no zoophiles, no -philes that are morally wrong

  5. have common sense with me or get the fuck out